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Configure Confirmation Page

A guide to show how to create a confirmation page with payment information

wp stripe express receipt

Configure Confirmation Page

The confirmation page is required for the success or failure redirect once as soon as coming from the stripe checkout page. Generally speaking, you can specify any pages in your website like a static page with only a Thank You page.

However, if you want to display more details like payment information for the paid user, you may need our built-in short codes.

Built-in short codes

The simplest way to create a confirmation page is to use a built-in shortcode [stripe-express-receipt]. It will display several sections with some useful information like payment details, billing details. By default, the short code will display all the sections, but you can also control which section can be displayed or not:

[stripe-express-receipt] # all sections will display
[stripe-express-receipt hidden="true"] # hide all sections
[stripe-express-receipt hide-thank-you="true"] # hide thank you
[stripe-express-receipt hide-payment-detail="true"] # hide payment information
[stripe-express-receipt hide-billing-detail="true"] # hide billing information
[stripe-express-receipt hide-receipt-link="true"] # hide receipt link 

or you can hide more sections together:

[stripe-express-receipt hide-receipt-link="true" hide-billing-detail="true"]

Use Custom white-label Tags

The shortcode is required too, and we can hide the built-in sections. [stripe-express-receipt hidden="true"]

If you don't like the above sections, you can feel free to design your theme confirmation page with blow tags in editor.For instance:

Dear {},

Thanks for your payment, we just received {amount_currency} for the item {description}.

The shipping address would be:

{billing_detail.address.line1} {billing_detail.address.line2}
{}, {billing_detail.address.state}, {billing_detail.address.postal_code}

Thanks for shipping with us!

The available tags list below:


The white-label can be put any place on your page and they will be replaced after the page is loaded.