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Create Stripe WeChat Pay Element

How to create the WeChat Pay Element

WeChat Pay enables Chinese consumers to pay directly via online transfer from their accounts. Customers are given a QR Code to scan using their WeChat mobile application to approve payments. The seller will be paid in the seller's currency as configured on Stripe.


  • A premium license

Activate Payment methods in your Stripe Settings

WeChat and Alipay Pay are not enabled by default. You must manually activate them in your payment methods list in your Stripe Dashboard.

To set up Alipay or WeChat Pay in your Stripe settings, click the Settings tab on the left, then click Payment methods: wechat-activation

Click Activate next to Alipay or WeChat Pay. Wait for processing until the status is Live or you receive a confirmation email. wechat-activation-confirm

Setting up a Stripe WebHook

WeChat pay requires stripe webhook events. For instructions on how to set up a stripe webhook, refer to setting-up-webhook

Create a WeChat Pay element

The process for creating a WeChat Pay element is the same as create element

  1. Switch to the Elements tab and click the Create button.
  2. In the category, choose Digital Wallet or Checkout Form (Both of them are only shown in the premium version).
  3. Choose WeChat Pay and give any amount to finish the creation.
  4. Copy the element shortcode to your page.

Test WeChat Pay

Click on the button: wechat button

Generate QR code: wechat dialog

wechat dialog qrcode

Scan QR code in WeChat:

FAQ on WeChat

Q. What is the refund policy for these payment methods? Alipay: Payments made with Alipay can only be submitted for refund within 90 days from the date of the original charge. After 90 days, it is no longer possible to refund the charge.

WeChat Pay: Payments made with WeChat Pay can only be submitted for a refund within 180 days from the date of the original charge. After 180 days, it is no longer possible to refund the charge.

Q. How do QR codes work? A QR code is simply a generated image, which is then translated into a URL. When viewing a QR code with your device's camera, you will be automatically asked to open the link on your device.

Q. Is it possible to “long press” on QR code to trigger WeChat pay? Case 1. If your customer visits your payment page from a mobile browser like Chrome, then there is no way to wake up the WeChat app by scanning the code. But don’t worry, most Chinese are used to downloading/screen capturing the QR Code as an image and then scanning it from WeChat by importing.

Case 2). If a customer visits/open your payment page in a built-in browser from WeChat, then the customer can long-press the code, and then there is an action called “Scan QR Code” from the context menu as below, these actions can directly command WeChat.