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Launch Stripe Express

Install plugin

How to install the plugin


  • A stripe account
  • A hosting wordpress

Of course, You have to own a stripe account for the whole plugin usage, if you don't have one, hit register an stripe account to start, it's free and worth it!

  1. Login your wordpress dashboard and click plugins on the left menu bar.
  2. Click Add New button and Enter stripe express in the Search Plugins bar. The author is IT Stripe..
  3. Find the plugin and click Install Now.
  4. After the downloading, click Activate.
plugin preview

Option 2: Install Manually

  • Downloading Plugin Zip
  • Login your wordpress dashboard and click the plugins on the left menu bar.
  • Click the Add New button and then click the Upload Plugin button.
  • Select choose file button to upload package which you just downloaded.
  • After the uploading, click Activate Plugin
plugin upload success

Installation success

After the above installation, you should see what the plugin works in your dashboard, Congratulations!

plugin preview

Next, we will guide you how to setup the setting.