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How to set up email notifications and customer invoices for your payment.

In most cases, the site owner always wants to receive a payment notification during payment processing, for example, once the payment is success from a customer, you want to know it immediately and then ship your product to your customer.

Therefore, we provide three types of emails so far: payment success, payment failed, and customer invoice. You can not only turn on/off them individually but also customize the content with your site style.

wp stripe express email notification


  • A premium license
  • WP SMTP provider works

Email sender

By default, we will use the current login user as sender including name and email, but you can correct them if the pre-fill values do not meet you.

wp stripe express email sender

(NOTE) our Send Test function will use this sender email as the recipient to receive the email.

Email basic style

You can customize the basic theme style for all emails.

wp stripe express email style setting wp stripe express email theme

Enable/Disable Email

As title, once you enable it, the specified email will be sent when:

  • customer invoice: once the payment success, including recuring payment or async payment way like SOFORT.
  • payment success: once the payment success, including recuring payment or async payment way like SOFORT.
  • payment failed: once the payment failed.
wp stripe express email list

Email Detail Setting

Click on the Manage button to enter the email setting page. You can edit the email detail here.

Available placeholder (ask us if you need more):
{siteurl}, {sitetitle}, {siteaddress}, {amount}, {amountsymbol}, {currency}, {description}, {receipturl}, {customeremail}, {customername}, {customerphone}, {error_message}


  • you can specify multi recipients with commas separated.
  • placeholders are available for Subject, Header Text, and any places in the editor content.
wp stripe express email editor

Send Test Email

You may want to see what the email looks like that you are editing. Simply click the Send Test button, then this email will be sent to the recipient which is the same as the sender email no matter whether the enable option is checked or not.

NOTE: Please save the email before clicking the button.

Advanced Customize Email

If the built-in email template doesn't meet your requirement, we provide a way to customize the whole email part. Follow the below steps if you need them:

  1. Check on the Enable override (advanced) option.
  2. Copy any or whole files from stripe-express/templates/emails/ to your theme folder: {themefolder}/stripe-express/emails/ (create the folder if not exists)
wse_email_default_theme.html  // header, footer
wse_email_default_theme_styles.html // style 

Once the Enable override (advanced) is checked, during sending email, our plugin will look up the customized templates folder under your current theme folder: {themefolder}/stripe-express/emails/.

For example, you want to customize the email footer, then you just need to copy the wse_email_default_theme.html file to the folder, then open the file and find the footer and modify it:

<!-- Footer -->
<p style="margin: 0 0 16px;">
    this is a footer {site_title} — <a href="{site_address}">{site_address}</a>
<!-- End Footer -->
wp stripe express email footer

Tips: Once you can uncheck the option, then all the emails will not use these customized templates.

FAQ on Email

Q. Stripe supports sending a custom invoice, why do we still need another one?

Stripe built-in invoices will send from their domains to the customer, so it's not controlled by the site owner and may result in customer confusion.

With a self-controller invoice, you can add any additional information to your customer and even a stripe invoice link/pdf in your content.

Q. Suggested Dedicated SMTP Providers?

For SMTP provider setup, it is out of this plugin box, but here are some suggestions:
There are dedicated SMTP providers that work for most websites. All have their own plugin on, can be installed from your WordPress dashboard, and have support available to help you get started.

  • Mailjet (Plugin) – Send 6,000 emails free per month.
  • Sendinblue (Plugin) – Send 9,000 emails free per day.
  • Postmark (Plugin) – Priced plans start at 10,000 emails a month.
  • Amazon SES (Plugin) – Send 62,000 emails to free per month if your website is hosted on AWS or pricing starts at $0.10 for every 1,000 emails.

Q. How does email work with WordPress?

As most plugins sending email, send mail by using the wp_mail() function which is a core function of WordPress.

Q. I am getting payment from stripe, but no emails are sent!

  1. First of all, make sure your email service works fine, you can send the email from other places or plugin, if they can send it correctly.
  2. Check the email setting correctly, there could be an issue in the email delivery to a recipient. This could be a spam blocker that classified your emails are spam and stopped them. Installing a mail logging plugin can help.