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Launch Stripe Express

Setup Setting

It's a complete guide to show the configurations.

To do any further process, we need to configure both plugin setting and stripe setting successfully.

wp stripe express full setting

Stripe setting

Stripe has two modes: Test and Live, for test purposes, the below guide is using test mode.

  1. Getting API key (Publishable key and Secret key)
    Go to with your stripe account, then click Developer -> API keys:
wp stripe express api key

Then copy the Publishable key and Secret key temporarily (make sure to clear it after use).

  1. Enable Stripe Checkout integration. (Well known Stripe self-hosting checkout page for One-Time & Recurring)

Since all of our one-time elements are using this Checkout integration page, we need to enable it.

Go to and enable it (you can specify your white list domains)

wp stripe express checkout enable

Stripe WebHook setting

Note: if you are only using a one-time button, you can ignore this part how to setting up webhook

Plugin setting

You just finished the above stripe related configuration, now we still need to set some necessary fields:

  • Account Currency
    Specify the correct currency the same as your stripe account. It will be used as your store pricing currency.
  • Success Url
    You need to create this page if you don't have one since this page will be redirected after the payment is processed successfully from the checkout platform like the stripe checkout page, the Alipay checkout page. how to create confirmation page
  • Cancel Url
    Similar to the success URL, you should create one by yourself to show your customer the payment is failed or canceled for any reason.
  • Enable debug
    As the wording, if enabled, then all necessary information will be logged in your system and you should see all of them in the Logs tab. We recommend you enable it in case any issues and we can help with them.
  • Keep data If checked, all data generated from this plugin will be kept until you specify to delete them. Normally, it is useful when you remove this plugin and then reinstall it.