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A stripe built-in checkout form which accept payment methods from around the globe with a single secure, embeddable UI component..

wp stripe express payment element


  • A premium license

What's payment element?

The Payment Element is an embeddable UI component that lets you accept up to 18+ payment methods with a single integration. Here are some benifit features:

  • Multi form themes, support light(default), dark, flat for now.
  • Automatically adjusts input fields to collect information based on the payment method and country.
  • Dynamically sorts payment methods based on a customer’s locale and location to optimize for conversion.

How to create

The creating is the same as other elements

wp stripe express create payment element

The supported payment methods are based on the stripe account currency, some payment methods may not list if not supported. We can check on Auto-detect the payment methods option. With automatic payment methods enabled, it will use the payment methods you configured in the stripe Dashboard.

There you go!